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Leadership programmes

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As a leader or manager in a social care organisation, your actions affect others around you. Good leadership and management can transform an organisation, whilst inadequate skills in these roles can destroy it.

It's important that leaders and managers are given the opportunity to develop themselves, if the highest standards of quality in social care are to be attained and maintained across the sector. 

Our leadership development programmes are designed to support you in achieving this. They're perfect for social care leaders in varying roles, from managers to directors, who want to develop their leadership skills and learn alongside their peers. 

If you're a registered manager member of Skills for Care, you could get a discount on some of our programmes. 


Graduate Management Programme

This programme develops the skills, confidence and capability of the next generation of managers to lead organisations through their transformation to integrated services. In partnership with the NHS Leadership Academy, we take the most dedicated graduates on a fast-track leadership and management training programme. Graduates are placed with host organisations across health and social care settings, focusing their energies on developing services for our diverse communities. On completion, they’ll be ready to further their career, driving health and social care forward together.

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Lead to Succeed Programme

Lead to Succeed is designed for aspiring managers, such as senior care workers and team leaders, who want to progress into a management position. It complements the new Manager Induction Standards and Level 4 Certificate in Principles of Leadership and Management in Adult Social Care. Learners develop their leadership and management potential through understanding how successful behaviours and practical strategies can support them in their day-to-day work, boosting their capacity to lead and manage effectively by ensuring the smooth running of adult social care services.

This programme is developed by Skills for Care and delivered by our endorsed providers. 

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Well-led Programme

Well-led is a development programme for managers of adult social care services working in the private, public or third sectors. The programme is grounded in the reality of social care delivery. Developed in partnership with managers familiar with the day-today challenges of leading a care team, it’s made up of a series of practical workshops designed to enable leaders to deliver care in line with the expectations of a well-led service. Throughout the programme learners are encouraged to develop leadership skills, advance their service and have a real impact in their workplace to secure a well-led future.

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Commissioning Now Programme

Our Commissioning Now development programme is designed to help commissioners of care understand what excellent commissioning looks like in practice and how it can be achieved. The programme is made up of a series of workshops, access to online tools and a practical handbook. The programme provides up-to-date evidence and examples of best practice in commissioning. It enables learners to compare commissioning challenges with others, building their skills and confidence as a leader in the commissioning and shaping of personalised care services now and in the future.

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Inspire Programme

Inspire is a brand new leadership development programme for managers in health and social care that are looking to step up into more senior management roles. Through practical and interative workshops the programme aims to develop leadership skills, increase self-awareness and confidence to lead and motivate others while building a strong network of support across the care sector.

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Moving Up Programme

Moving Up is a development programme for experienced managers who are looking to step-up and establish themselves within senior leadership roles. The programme is designed to support learners to develop new understandings of their leadership behaviours, skills and performance, and develop strategies to boost career progression into senior leadership. It includes two entry routes, an open access route for all those seeking support in moving up, and a route for those from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds.

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New Directors Programme

The New Directors programme is designed to support both those aspiring to and recently appointed to the post of Director of Adult Social Services (DASS), enabling them to make a successful transition into this role. The programme focuses on the increasingly complex and expanding nature of the DASS role and the specific needs of those looking to undertake it. It examines the key challenges facing senior leaders in social care commissioning roles and facilitates action to support the integration of services across health and social care to ensure shared and effective leadership across system boundaries.

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Top Leaders in Health and Social Care Programme

This development programme is for those currently in senior leadership roles as providers or commissioners of care in health and social care organisations across the public, private and third sectors. The programme brings learners together to advance their leadership capability and practice by building integrated networks across health, social care and allied sectors. It explores how effective leadership across organisational and system boundaries impacts on the quality of care, and enables leaders to enhance performance and increase impact at individual, organisational and system levels.

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Leadership for Empowered and Healthy Communities Programme

This programme explores the challenges and opportunities of a community-based approach to leadership. It’s aimed at senior leaders and clinicians across health and social care who want to be part of a movement for change. Those taking part learn how to grow and nurture capacity in local communities to improve health and wellbeing and ensure better outcomes for people who need care and support. Learners are encouraged to think about the value of their community’s role in health and social care, and the role of public service leadership in shaping communities that citizens need and want.

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