Expert adult social care insight

Skills for Care is the leading source of workforce intelligence for adult social care in England.

We’re commissioned by the Department of Health to collect data on adult social care providers and their workforce via the National Minimum Dataset for Social Care
(NMDS-SC). For over ten years we have turned this data into intelligence and insight that's relied upon across by the Government and our sector. 

Knowing how big the sector is, and what it looks like, helps reinforce its importance and position as a major part of the economy so it's crucial that we have clear, strong and healthy information about our workforce.  

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Our data

We use information collected in the NMDS-SC to create workforce models that, in turn, allow us to produce estimates of the whole adult social care workforce. We're confident in the quality of these estimates. We provide workforce estimates and also raw data. 

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Our offer consists of two distinct areas: 

  1. free publications, infographics and reports sharing the data from the NMDS-SC from national overviews through to local authority area views of the workforce  
  2. tailored data analysis -  specifically tailored to your requirements.

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Not only do we analyse and present our work on a national or local level,  we also analyse the data by topic area. Presenting data on specific job roles and topics such as pay rates and recruitment and retention, help paint a more complete picture of social care.

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Everything we've learnt about adult social care so far...

The data we hold on the adult social care workforce and sector is crucial and informs thousands of decisions that affect how care is delivered, who delivers it and what our future looks like.  

We've produced this video to help explain how important the information held within the NMDS-SC is for us all.

Who we work with


We’ve worked with a number of research and data consultancies, supplying key sector data and valuable sector insight.
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Local authorities

On a local level, we’ve provided a complete view of adult social care, integration with health, future forecasting, the economic contribution of adult social care and the impact of differing national minimum wage rates for local authorities across England.
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Our data and expertise is used to secure funding bids and will be of interest to institutions and think tanks who specialise in social work, health care, social policy, economics, labour market intelligence and more.
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There are many benefits to gaining insight into your business and workforce. The National Minimum Data Set for Social Care is not only an online data collection system for all social care employers, but it allows you to interrogate the data and do basic data analysis for yourself. 
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We provide the data, intelligence and the adult social care insight to Health Education England, pioneer sites, vanguard sites, ‘Sustainability and Transformation Plans’ and ‘Transforming Care Partnerships’ to ensure that social care data is represented in all sector relevant work.
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