Pre-employment training

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Offer work-based training to those thinking about a career in care

If you have high staff turnover for entry level positions, our sector routeway could help.

Lots of people are employed with little or no experience of social care. This means they don’t always know what to expect from the job and leave in the first few months.

Employing staff through a sector route-way allows them to try social care before they commit to a permanent position.

It helps them to gain the skills, experience and confidence they need, meaning you will find more informed recruits who will stay for longer.

This section explains how we’ve worked with Jobcentre Plus to apply the sector route-way across different pre-employment opportunities.

It also focuses on the role of sector-based work academies and traineeships. 

The sector route way is the pre-employment support process for adult social care in England.

It gives people a good idea of what it's like to work in adult social care, and helps them to gain the skills they need to get started.

Everyone who completes the pre-employment training part of the route-way will achieve the Level 1 Award in Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care.

It provides a quick but comprehensive introduction to working in social care. This will help you to find new recruits who have a good understanding of the role and  know what to expect from day one. 

Getting started

If you have vacancies to fill, speak to your local Jobcentre Plus about using the sector route-way to find a local sector-based work academy.

A guide to the sector route-way

Our online guide to sector route-way, will help you to provide pre-employment training. It sets out the key stages of the process and includes links to useful resources.

If you have any questions about the route-way please email

You can use the sector routeway to find a local sector based work academy.

Sector base work academies can help you to find and keep people with the right talent, skills and values to work for you.

They last for up to six weeks and provide those who are new to social care with:

  • pre-employment training which is relevant to your organisation.
  • a work experience placement for the individual
  • a guaranteed job interview at the end of the training.

We’ve created two videos which show how sector based work academies can be used successfully across social care. They focus on benefits for the employer and the job seeker. 

Employing people through a sector based work academy

This video explains what's involved, the types of training and the benefits of using a sector based work academy to recruit new people.

Finding employment in social care

This video shows how jobseekers have gained a job in social care by joining a sector based work academy. It shows what's involved, how they found out it and the benefits.

Traineeships can provide you with an education and training programme which focuses on the needs of your organisation.

They provide 16-23 year olds with the skills and work experience they will need to find employment or start an Apprenticeship in social care.

Those with learning difficulties who struggle with academic assessments can complete a Traineeship up to the age of 25.

We have created three documents to provide more information about Traineeships. 

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