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Terms and conditions

Skills for Care hereby grants visitors to this website access to these pages conditional upon agreement to the following terms and conditions and the terms of our privacy statement.

Governing law

You hereby accept the application of the laws of England to govern matters between us in relation to this website and you agree to indemnify us and not hold us liable for the result of any actions you may take based on the information contained herein.


Neither Skills for Care nor any of its employees, agents or sub-contractors make any warranty, expressed or implied, or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of any information contained on this site or any website referred to nor that these web pages will be free from errors or that its availability will be uninterrupted. Skills for Care does not warrant that the information on this site is suitable for the purposes for which you may need it or use it. Skills for Care cannot be held responsible for the contents of any pages referred to by an external link. A reference on this site to any persons, products, websites or services does not constitute or imply their endorsement, recommendation or favouring by Skills for Care, its employees, agents or sub-contractors.

All copyright to Skills for Care publications and their contents is vested in Skills for Care unless stated otherwise. Although Skills for Care has used its reasonable endeavours in compiling these publications it does not guarantee nor shall it be responsible for reliance upon the contents of the publications and shall not be liable for any false, inaccurate or incomplete information. Any reliance placed upon the contents by the reader is at the reader's sole risk and Skills for Care shall not be liable for any consequences of such reliance.

Restrictions on use of website

The materials and information contained on this website (content) and all copyright and other intellectual property rights therein belong to Skills for Care or its content providers. You are hereby granted permission to access the site and print a copy of the page as a record of your visit. Material from this website may be freely reproduced with acknowledgment for education and training purposes, but may not be used for sale or profit without the written permission of Skills for Care.

Posting or transmitting to or from this website any unlawful, threatening, libellous, defamatory, obscene, scandalous, inflammatory, pornographic, or profane material, or any other material that could give rise to any civil or criminal liability under the law, is prohibited.

Information you submit to us

Personal information about you which you submit to us will be governed by the terms of our privacy statement. 

In relation to all other information you submit you hereby agree and warrant


Skills for Care reserves the right to revise, withdraw or restrict access to the content of this website in whole or in part at any time without prior notice. Please check this page periodically for changes. Your continued use of the Skills for Care site following the posting of changes to these terms and conditions means you accept the changes.



We may use some automation such as tools that generate tweets from RSS feeds.

Our tweets will cover some or all of the following:


If you follow @skillsforcare we will not automatically follow you back. This is to discourage the use of direct messaging, avoid resource wasting spam handling and so that you can easily identify other key Twitter users that we think are relevant and who we follow. However, being followed by Skills for Care does not imply endorsement of any kind.

@replies and Direct Messages

We welcome feedback and ideas from all our followers, and endeavour to join conversations where possible. However, we may not be able to reply individually to all the messages we receive via Twitter.

We read all @replies and Direct Messages and ensure that any emerging themes or helpful suggestions are passed to relevant people in the organisation.

The usual ways of contacting us for official correspondence are detailed in the contact us and keep informed sections. 

All users found to be violating these terms will be blocked from our Twitter channel.



These terms and conditions of membership apply where you choose to apply as a member of Skills for Care. The term ‘you’ refers to ‘the member’ and ‘us’ refers to ‘Skills for Care’.

Skills for Care reserves the right to change or update the terms and conditions without prior notice.

Any revisions to these membership terms and conditions will be notified to members via email.

1. Membership application

Skills for Care’s Organisation and Registered Manager membership are different categories as reflected in the membership fees and benefits.

Neither category of membership can be ‘lent’ nor transferred to any other organisation or individual, or benefits, offers or services used by any other than the named organisation or individual.

2. Payment

Membership is fixed for a term of 12 months unless otherwise specifically stated and starts on the day your payment is received.

You will receive an email to confirm receipt of payment.

Payment may be made by card using our on-line registration portal. Alternatively, payment can be made by cheque or you can be invoiced by Skills for Care.

If you have any difficulties please call our information team on 0113 241 1275  or email:

3. Personal details

All information provided by you to us must be true and accurate at the point of applying.

In the event of a change of circumstances such as moving jobs, change of contact details or any other change that will affect your profile, you must update your profile through your account on the Skills for Care website, or by informing the membership team by email: or by calling our information team on 0113 241 1275.

4. Data protection

The information which you give when completing your application form for membership will be used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and for the following purposes:

If you have any concerns about the way your data is being used, please contact our information team on 0113 241 1275 or email

5. Benefits

As a member of Skills for Care you will be able to access a range of benefits designed to support you.

Each benefit or service offered has its own terms and conditions.

Member benefits are only accessible if your membership is active.

Member benefits may change from time to time without prior notice.

6. Renewal

Membership is for the term of 12 months unless otherwise specifically stated.

Full renewal details will be sent as part of your renewal reminder.

If your membership lapses, you will not be able to access the members area of the website or your member benefits until the membership is renewed.

7. Cancellation

Your membership services commence immediately your payment is received.

To cancel your membership you will need to notify us by email, stating a reason, which will be recorded for internal use only.

Should you wish to cancel your membership, you will not be refunded.

8. Breach of membership

Skills for Care reserves the right to rescind membership under certain conditions.

For example, if by poor conduct, either professionally or personally you bring the reputation of Skills for Care into disrepute, we reserve the right to temporarily suspend or permanently cancel your membership without refunding any part of your membership fee.

As stated previously (see 1. Membership application) neither category of membership can be ‘lent’ or transferred to any other organisation or individual, or benefits, offers or services used by any other than the named organisation or individual.

If this is proved to be the case, Skills for Care reserves the right to immediately cancel your membership without refunding any part of your membership fee.

9. Disclaimers and exclusion of liability

Although care is taken to ensure that the information on the Skills for Care website is accurate and up to date, we cannot accept any responsibility for mistakes or omissions, in particular any articles in our archives which may be out of date.

Although we will do our best to ensure the quality of the information we publish directly, we enter into no express or implied conditions, warranties, terms or representations regarding the quality, accuracy or completeness of the information.

10. Links

The Skills for Care website may contain links to other websites not operated or controlled by us.

If you use these links, you will leave our website.

These links are provided for convenience only and do not constitute any endorsement by us of organisations or individuals promoted on the linked websites, their products or services, unless explicitly stated by Skills for Care.

11. Intellectual property rights

The intellectual property rights (including, without limitation, copyright and trade marks) in all material on the Skills for Care website (including, without limitation, text, images and plans) are owned by Skills for Care unless otherwise stated.

If you wish to use them as a member, please contact our information team on 0113 241 1275 or email

12. Governing law

These terms and conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with English law and all disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.