Manager Induction Standards

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Our Manager Induction Standards (MIS) set out what a manager needs to know and understand to perform well in their role. They are a versatile tool for:

  • new managers - those new to management and those new inpost who have previously managed other care services
  • existing managers - to use as a benchmark of their ownpractice and potential learning and development needs,especially if their role has changed over the years
  • aspiring managers - to plan an appropriate developmentprogramme, increase their understanding of the expectations of a manager role and increase their potential of securingmanagement positions in the future.

The MIS can be used in all care settings and are a measure of good practice. To help you achieve your Manager Induction Standards, we have developed a new workbook Becoming a Manager. You can find out more about this resource below.     

The review of the Manager Induction Standards reflects the ever evolving social care sector which has transformed the role of the manager and the demands placed on them. Sharon Allen, CEO, Skills for Care 

The standards

The Manager Induction Standards set out what a manager needs to know and understand to perform well in their role. They can be used in all care settings and are a measure of good practice.

Building on the old version of the Manager Induction Standards (from 2012), the standards are:  

  1. Leadership and management
  2. Governance and regulatory processes
  3. Communication
  4. Relationships and partnership working
  5. Person-centred practice for positive outcomes
  6. Professional development, supervision and performance management
  7. Resources
  8. Safeguarding, protection and risk
  9. Manage self (New standard)
  10. Decision making (New standard)
  11. Entrepreneurial skills and innovation (New standard)

We also have a print friendly version which you can download from here

Becoming a manager 

To help with this learner journey and to support the use of the Manager Induction Standards, Skills for Care has developed a new workbook called ‘Becoming a Manager’.

Becoming a Manager’ is a practical and cost effective solution to making sure managers know and understand what they need to do. It’s designed to be easy to use and fit into a manager’s busy working life.

The workbook also helps with the consistency between the Manager Induction Standards, the Level 4 certificate and Level 5 diploma. The workbook helps you to consider many of the elements of the Level 4 certificate and can also be used as underpinning knowledge towards the a Level 5 qualification.This could save any repeat learning.

Using the workbook exercises thoroughly is definitely one of the best ways of exploring this underpinning knowledge before you begin your level 5 diploma and to begin to build an evidence portfolio. 

New to managing? Where do I start? Essential reading!! Clear concise guidance on all areas to manage with helpful templates for recording to get you started! Liz Castle, Manager, Manor Gardens Nursing Home.

Buy your copy of Becoming a Manager now for £75 from:

If you are one of our registered manager members the price will be £60 (20% saving off the RRP). If you are interested in becoming a registered manager member and benefitting from further discounts from our products visit our membership page.  


We recommend that all new and aspiring managers complete the Manager Induction Standards to be competent and confident in their role. With the refreshed version launched this year, we released our workbook Becoming a manager to help your new managers complete the standards effectively.

The Becoming a manager workbook is ideal for large national organisations to use as part of a standard induction programme for managers. Not only does it show that you are willing to invest in your managers by purchasing the workbook for them, it is also:

  • compliant with CQC recommendations to use reputable learning and development providers and materials
  • great value for money – saving you money on expensive external training, and more importantly…
  • ensures that all of your new managers have consistent training and therefore deliver the same high quality of care.

In addition the workbook provides a wealth of information and reflection which will save line managers a lot of time that they otherwise may need to commit to new managers. Becoming a manager also comes with a USB stick with all of the blank exercises included which you can use over again, useful for topping up and reviewing training.  

We can also come into your organisation to help those senior managers putting people through the Manager Induction Standards. If you would like more information on this, please email us at

‘Strong leadership has a pivotal role in both high-performing services and bringing about improvement in adult social care. At registered manager level strong leadership was characterised by individuals with an innovative, outward or forward looking approach who were open to feedback and actively sought out best practice to steer improvement.’ P.24, CQC State of ASC Services Report.

Becoming a Manager supports new managers to develop these approaches from the outset.

The Manager Induction Standards have also been reviewed to be consistent with new Level 4 Certificate (available now) and new Level 5 diploma in Leadership in Care qualification for leaders and managers (available from January 2018).

In fact, the 11 standards of the Manager Induction Standards are named exactly the same as the 11 units in the new Level 4 Certificate and upcoming Level 5 diploma. 

Find out more about the new regulated qualifications framework (RQF).


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