National Occupational Standards

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National Occupational Standards (NOS) describe best practice by bringing together skills, knowledge and values.

They are valuable tools as benchmarks for qualifications as well as for defining roles at work, staff recruitment, supervision and appraisal.

To find out more about using NOS to help manage the provision of care, please download the Manager's guide to developing strategic uses of National Occupational Standards.

Health and social care standards

The Health and Social Care (HSC) NOS are important standards for social care workers and health care workers in all parts of the UK. 

There over 200 separate NOS that can be put together to cover all sorts of job roles at different levels of responsibility.

You can search and view the standards on the National Occupational Standards database.


The NOS relate closely to units within QCF qualifications in England, Wales and N Ireland. They are jointly owned by Skills for Care and Development and Skills for Health.

A small number of new NOS have been introduced because of new developments in the sector.

These standards are for inspectors of health and social care services across adults, children's and young people's services in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

View the Inspectors National Occupational Standards.

These standards provide consistent and clear benchmarks for the delivery of a quality commissioning service. 

View the Commissioning, Procurement and Contracting National Occupational Standards.

These standards underpin the Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People's Services.

View the National Occupational Standards for Leadership and Management for Care Services.

These standards emphasise co-production and values-based practice as the basis of a recovery oriented approach.

You can search for them on the NOS database.

These standards provide a consistent benchmark for those providing sensory loss provision. 

View the Sensory Services National Occupational Standards.

Practical approaches to workforce planning

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