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A man in a wheelchair sits with a male social care worker

Safeguarding means protecting a person’s right to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect.

Legislation such as the Care Act means you need to understand and develop your workforce in order to prevent abuse, and to recognise and respond effectively in order to safeguard adults at risk and improve outcomes for people who need care and support.

Our Guide to adult safeguarding covers the key aspects of safeguarding in your workplace. The guide features ten key points of adult safeguarding and provides details of where to find further information.


Intended for those new to the sector but available to all, the Care Certificate Workbook (Standard 10 and Standard 11) includes some key information about safeguarding that can complement your own safeguarding training and induction.

If you’re regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), you must comply with their Fundamental Standards.  Our Recommendations for Care Quality Commission Provider's Guide  includes a section around induction related training, including information about safeguarding training. See Section 5 'induction related training' for information on safeguarding training.


What do I need to know about safeguarding adults key cards outline the key questions that social care workers need to know about safeguarding in the workplace.

Workers should research the answers, discuss them with colleagues or their manager, and write the correct answers in the gaps on these pocket sized key cards. You can use them in induction to support the Care Certificate, team meetings and ongoing learning and development. 

There's also a support document for workers to reflect on their thoughts and ensure they write the correct answers on the key cards, and for managers to check workers have understood the questions. 

Paper copies

You can download these documents free of charge, or you can buy paper copies from our online bookshop - they cost £14.50 for 20 key cards.


We're currently updating our safeguarding route planner which brings together the latest resources and best practice from the sector. We'll launch an updated version in the New Year. 

If you know of any useful resources that you'd like to share with the sector, please email us for consideration. 


It's important workers have regular training to keep their knowledge up to date. 

Learning and development should focus on the practical skills workers need to do their job but also keeping the values they need to put them in practice.

A key part of selecting the right learning package for your organisation is finding the right learning provider.

Find our endorsed providers

Our Endorsement Framework finds and badges learning providers who can show high quality learning and development to the social care sector.

You can search for our endorsed providers in our online directory.